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Finding the right home is getting increasingly more difficult with rising house prices and houses with a smaller footprint.  Some smart home buyers are moving in to smaller and smaller spaces. A small space can be more affordable at the outset and costs less to power over time. However, we still want to have all of the different living spaces that we need in our homes. The solution is to learn how to convert every inch of the home into usable space and an experienced design and installation company can help you achieve this.

Conversions can be as simple as taking the doors off of cupboards and turning them into areas for a home office, entertainment centre or small libraries.

Conversions are not only great because they add new living space to your home but they can also inspire your creative side to come up with new ways of designing space. It’s a great challenge and a fun experiment in making your home unique to your needs.

Garages are sometimes ideal places to convert into usable space. With the use of great lighting and wide windows you can create a great room which can be used as a studio, bedroom, living room, home office, yoga room or fitness room.

Outbuildings such as barns, and sheds can be converted into terrific living spaces. Why not consider a new “man cave” or a craft workshop. Another common conversion is the shed that becomes a work-at-home office. Designers can help you design the space you have into the space you want.

Opening up your loft can be a brilliant way to add both space and value to your home. But planning the conversion can be a little daunting. It’s not something many of us are too knowledgeable about, and all the steps and regulations need to be carefully thought through. Loft specialists provide the low-down on everything a homeowner should be aware of when designing a conversion.

As a rule of thumb, the cheapest way to extend your home is by going up (into the loft), followed by building out (a kitchen or side return extension). It is always advisable to check building control regulations.

Finally, If you have stairs in your house, then you probably have some room beneath them. Designed well, this triangular portion of space can become an invaluable chunk of extra storage or a downstairs toilet. Sadly, due to its angled proportions, the under stairs cupboard is more often a messy repository rather than a useful space.

Kitchencraft are celebrating their 5000th installation this year and have a wealth of experience to call upon when it comes to converting space in any size of home.

Call Kitchencraft for a complimentary design consultation – Kitchencraft where Experience Matters.

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