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Creative storage ideas for your home

Kitchencraft is one of Dorset’s most well respected Kitchen and Bathroom companies in South Dorset. Over the years kitchen storage styles have come in and out of fashion.

In this day and age, the home of appliances, cookware and every specialty gadget on the planet, the kitchen has become a perplexing place to organise. The never-ending accessories and endless food containers, boxes and bags easily fill up every little space, especially in a not-so-big kitchen.

Kitchencraft have been working hard to create innovative organisation techniques to help solve kitchen dramas, from storing pots and pans to organising a messy walk-in cupboard. The space tower is a new solution for larder units which can be accessed with impressive ease, providing ample space for provisions and can be tailored to each customer’s individual needs. The space tower system makes it possible to achieve a uniform appearance across the whole kitchen design but still leaves plenty of flexibility to individually design the cabinet interiors.

Having an organised kitchen saves time and makes cooking a pleasure, since everything is easy to find and access. It also promotes safety and saves money. One of the main problems when designing a kitchen can be the creation of poor workflow. When you consider how much time you spend in the kitchen, it makes sense to be sure that essentials are in the correct place. Make sure that frequently used items are within easy reach. This means that pots and pans should be stored near the oven and stovetop, glasses should be stored near the fridge, the rubbish bin should be positioned near the sink, and your chopping boards and knives should be near the preparation area.

It is not just Kitchens which need creative storage solutions, our bathrooms, bedrooms, home study and living rooms all have a requirement for extra space to store extra audio equipment, books and general stuff.  We all know how it feels after we have had a good “clear out” and our homes are like new again, Kitchencraft can help you keep it feeling that way with clever storage ideas.

Whether you’re single or living in a house full of kids, there never seems to be enough storage space in the bathroom either. Custom built-in cupboards can provide maximum storage in a bathroom. It can be fun coming up with clever and beautiful ways to store you bits and pieces in the bathroom by planning ahead you can ensure that the correct storage is where you need it most. That wall behind the bath is a prime location, by making this practical storage space rather than a blank wall can be a great use of space.

If you are thinking about a new Kitchen, Bathroom or how to creatively manage your storage this year and would like to know more about Kitchencraft latest products and services please call for a new brochure.

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